Strategies and Resources for Arts Integrated Learning [Course A]

An introductory and experiential course, where participants explore how the three foundational principles and ongoing inquiries leverage and illuminate each other. Instructors in Course A use research-based educational frameworks to de- sign course work, and are transparent and reflective about their own decision-making in course design and intention.

Course A has a special focus on the Integrated Learning Framework and the Studio Habits of Mind as windows into investigating relevant issues of teaching and learning, and the role of the arts in interdisciplinary understanding.

Participants explore the Studio Habits of Mind, and utilize the frameworks, thinking routines and learning protocols through contemporary arts practices. Participants study scholarly articles, both through readings and online videos that promote deep reflection and dialogue about issues of institutional racism and systemic social injustices:

• Studio Habits of Mind: This framework demystifies arts education by giving teachers, students and parents a common language with which to explain the true power of arts learning.

• Integrated Learning Framework: This holistic approach to teaching and learning focuses on making connections between the academic realm and the learner’s world.

• Universal Design for Learning: Guidelines for inclusion and engagement of all learners.


Guidelines for inclusion: Understand how all areas of teaching and learning intersect through integrated learning practices that impact identity, community and collaboration. Understand the purpose and potential for learning in and through the arts.


Participants will understand how the arts are essential to learning, human development and meaning making.

Participants will understand how the arts in school can be a social justice practice and strategy.

Participants will understand how research-based frame- works support collaborative research, decision making and accountability for successful student outcomes.

“This course has been mind-changing for me in terms of arts integration. I never thought arts could be so easily embedded in other curricular areas. The amount of possibilities, frameworks and activities I have seen and participated in makes me wonder how much more can be done and in what other ways can arts be integrated. I look forward to continue investigating and looking around for ways to create more open, equitable, and diverse learning activities that allow my students to learn and express themselves at the same time!”

— Abel Guzman

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