Core Courses

ILSP core courses build the skills, resources, and tools required for today’s diverse classroom. Each course is 30 hours long. Core courses are held in the Fall, Spring and Summer in several locations in the greater Bay Area. Collaborative teams are welcome and encouraged.

Strategies and Resources for Arts Integration [Course A]

In this hands-on course you will learn art centered integrated teaching strategies, grounded in contemporary arts practice and educational frameworks, including special emphasis on:

  • Studio Habits of Mind – This framework demystifies arts education by giving teachers, students and parents a common language with which to explain the true power of arts learning.

  • Integrated Learning Framework – This holistic approach to teaching and learning focuses on making connections between the academic realm and the learner’s world.

  • Universal Design for Learning - Guidelines for inclusion and engagement of all learners.

Ongoing Assessment Strategies and Applications [Course B]

In this course you will learn the latest and most effective strategies of assessment for learning and how to use the arts to construct and reveal and assess understanding. There is a special emphasis upon thinking routines and on:

  • Making Learning Visible – This framework from Harvard’s Project Zero focuses on documentation and group learning.

  • Studio Thinking Framework - A tool for ongoing and summative performance based assessment.

Collaborative Curriculum Design [Course C]

In this course you will learn how to develop a series of interrelated art-centered learning experiences using the Integrated Learning Framework. There is a special emphasis on:

  • Teaching for Understanding – Another Harvard Project Zero framework, that helps educators identify concepts worth understanding and frame goals that help students focus on and engage in learning experiences that build their understanding.