Core Courses

ILSP core courses build the skills, resources, and tools required for today’s diverse classroom. Each course is 30 hours; all courses must be completed with a passing grade; student work is graded pass or fail. Core courses are held in the Fall, Spring and Summer in several locations in the greater Bay Area. Collaborative teams are welcome and encouraged.

Course A: Strategies and Resources for Arts Integration
This hands-on course focuses on an introduction to arts integrated teaching, curriculum development, and assessment grounded in contemporary arts and educational frameworks from Harvard’s Project Zero: Teaching for Understanding, Studio Thinking, and Making Learning Visible.

Participants explore concepts in math, science, history and language arts through two arts disciplines, investigating the different ways that creative arts help students formulate questions, synthesize, and express learning in core subjects. Participants make art, share lesson plans, read articles, and write a paper synthesizing their learning.

Course B: Ongoing Assessment Strategies and Applications: Making Learning Visible, Studio Habits of Mind, Rubrics and Portfolios
Participants learn ongoing assessment strategies, including Studio Habits of Mind, Making Learning Visible and documentation, rubrics, and portfolios. They develop protocols, tools, and applications that are useful for evaluating and deepening their own learning and their students’ learning. Participants also choose an area of assessment to complete an action research project, and come together to share work at the end of the semester.

Course C: Collaborative Curriculum Design
Participants develop arts-integrated curriculum using the Teaching for Understanding framework and receive feedback from the collective group. Participants learn how to use a variety of protocols and tools for evaluating and deepening classroom practice; they also consider points of inquiry, thinking deeply about their own contexts and present their final unit to the group.