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THE ARTIST'S SECRET GEOMETRY: Composing in the Round

  • Redwood High School 395 Doughtery Drive Forest Knolls, CA, 94939 (map)

Math in art has been flirted with for a couple of centuries, but the greatest works of all cultures most certainly used these ideas. Geometry had a role in artistic composition—aka spatial relationships in works of art from all cultures. Through many years of investigating the role of intentional geometry used in most every culture and time, certain rules and psychological impact seem constant.

There are many areas of geometry which can be taught and applied to demonstrate this, but for this workshop we will concentrate on the use of simple polygons (triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, etc) in the composition of tondos, i.e., round paintings, drawings, ceramics, metalwork, etc. It's simple but quite profound and even used today in the designs of coins, bowls, plates, etc. In this workshop we will see examples from many cultures and times, and participants will be provided with instructions for drawing them, involving a compass, straightedge and colored pencils.

Michael Schneider teaches this topic to his art students at CCA, and he is generously sharing his enthusiasm with us. Registration includes materials.

Event Cost: $45

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This workshop is approved for CEU from Dominican University for .5 units