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Inspiring Writers Through Mindfulness and Poetry

Wishing to add soul to the Standards? Experience firsthand the research-based benefits of mindfulness, including stress reduction and increased well-being, and experience the joy of creative self-expression in a safe, nurturing environment. This workshop series will include demonstration lessons from my forthcoming workbook, Mindful Literacy: A Primer for Cultivating Compassion, Connection, and Creativity. The curriculum follows the emotional arc of the school year from the excitement in September through the depths of November to the renewed intentions in January and the celebrations of post-SBAC testing in May. It’s designed to help teachers build authentic relationships with their students and help young people build their writing skills and deepen their relationships with themselves and each other.

Each lesson introduces a new mindfulness concept and provides a script for a short guided awareness practice paired with a poem that reinforces the theme. Listening activities and extensive scaffolding support students to appreciate the artistry of the works and then go on to create their own poem or story.

Taking the time to reflect on our emotional lives and write from the heart will prepare us to be more empathetic and compassionate role models for our students. Let's try out these lessons together! Digital copies will be provided. No class on Oct. 30 or Nov. 27.

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Start Date: 11/6/2019

Start Time: 4:0:0 PM

End Date: 12/18/2019

End Time: 6:0:0 PM

Event Cost: $249

Address: 217 C W. Richmond Ave., Richmond, CA 94801 USA

Organizer First/Last Name: Laura Bean

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Organizer Phone: (814) 403-7910