hen are the core courses offered?
Coursework is offered throughout the school year and summer.

How long do I have to complete the program?
Upon entering the program, the 12 units of ILSP Certificate coursework should be completed within a 3-year period. All courses (both core or elective) must be completed with a passing grade; student work is graded pass or fail.

Do I have to take the coursework sequentially?
It is recommended that core Courses A and B be taken sequentially. It is also recommended that participants take core Courses A and/or B before Course C. Electives courses can be taken at anytime.

Can I take courses now and decide later about applying for the ILSP?
You can take any of the core and/or elective courses without working towards an ILSP Certificate. Applicants can apply coursework retroactively, should they decide to apply for the ILSP Certificate. Individuals interested in working towards an Integrated Learning Specialist Program Certificate should complete the Integrated Learning Specialist Program Certificate Application.

How will an ILSP certificate help me?
The ILSP Certificate qualifies teaching artists, credentialed arts teachers, multiple subject and single subject credentialed teachers to provide leadership, as well as pedagogical and content knowledge to professional learning communities within their school and district contexts. Certificate holders become part of an ongoing network of education professionals, academics, and peers who are an invaluable resource for best practices , coaching, and leading PD in their educational contexts.

How do I get CEU credits for this coursework?
Continuing Education Units (CEU) are available for an additional fee through Mills College. Graduate units are available through Lesley University after successful completion of all three core courses. The graduate units apply to Lesley’s Integrated Teaching Through the Arts Masters Program.