A superb professional development opportunity, participants of the Integrated Learning Specialist Program (ILSP) are able to earn CEU and graduate school credits as well as the Integrated Learning Specialist Certificate.

ILSP course curriculum is based on research-based frameworks from Project Zero (Harvard’s Graduate School of Education), and provides educators with the skills to create imaginative, integrated lessons in any subject area. 

ILSP consists of:

– Three, 30-hour core courses offered 3 times a year
– Arts Electives produced by reputable arts organizations and artists
– Option to earn a Certificate
– CEUs through Mills College
– Graduate units through Lesley University

Once enrolled, participants gain skills and experience in:

– Curriculum development using Teaching for Understanding frameworks and Studio Habits of Mind as guides
– Collaboration across disciplines 
– Ongoing assessment and Making Learning Visible
– Culturally relevant pedagogy 

My primary goal as a result from this program is to make a greater effort to focus on depth rather than breadth in my teaching. Through hands-on experiences, I realized firsthand how much more effective focused, long-term projects that students are invested in are compared to broader, more encompassing activities.” –2nd Grade Teacher, Berkeley

Art is a tool that an ally could use to unearth the myth of meritocracy, find the cracks and fissures in the institutional foundation and to begin to force a paradigm shift toward justice. We must empower our students, through arts integration, education, and activism, to be allies to the oppressed and correct the wrongs of an unjust system.” –High school science teacher, Berkeley High School