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Tell your story books

The Art IS Education Tell Your Story Book Series
This series tells the story of arts integrated learning as an educational strategy in Alameda County. Each book illustrates how research-based thinking frames are being used to strengthen teaching, support teacher collaboration, and increase student engagement and deeper learning. The Art IS Education books draw on the illustrative stories from the Arts Learning Demonstration schools in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro Unified School Districts. These cases provide vivid examples of how thinking frames support teacher decision-making, ongoing assessment to improve instruction, and shared accountability leading to better outcomes for students.

Art IS Education Book 1
Teaching for Understanding: A Common Language for Planning and Assessing Instruction

This book describes how educators at Peralta Elementary School in Oakland, CA use shared foundational through lines and understanding goals to improve their own teaching practice and collaborate to make important decisions about what and how to teach, and how to assess student learning in ongoing formative and summative ways. Read book here >>


Art IS Education Book 2
Studio Habits of Mind: Arts Learning Strategies to Deepen Student Learning Across the Curriculum

This books tells the story of how the Arts and Humanities Academy (AHA) at Berkeley High School in Berkeley, CA organizes relationships between teachers and across disciplines to support interdisciplinary, arts integrated teaching and learning as a means to engage all students and close the school’s racial performance gap. Through a shared language about learning, AHA students employ habits of mind developed in high quality arts classrooms to persist and succeed across the high school curriculum, and become fully prepared for college, career, and citizenship. Read book here >>


Art IS Education Book 3
Making Learning Visible: Connecting Arts Learning Strategies Directly to Issues of Equity

This book describes how the San Leandro Unified School District in San Leandro, CA is implementing a systemic district-wide initiative to address issues of equity, build shared accountability for student outcomes, and ensure the opportunity for all students to learn and achieve at high levels. Through the district initiative, teachers are developing and implementing culturally-responsive arts integrated instruction as a means to making learning visible, revise instruction in real time, and address individual student learning needs - particularly the needs of students of color and other students previously underserved within the district. Read book here >>

Integrated learning specialist program guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide leaders and educators with clarity around the backbone ideas that define the Integrated Learning Specialist Program. This guide describes the purpose, background and foundational principles that play out in and across the three core courses, outlining strategies and practices for teaching and learning through creative arts-based integrated instruction. It is intended to support individual and collective growth among instructors, and to clarify what constitutes fidelity to the program. With a shared agreement to honor the tenets of the program, instructors are invited to bring individual creativity, situation-based flexibility, and responsiveness that are defining qualities of the Integrated Learning Specialist Program. Additionally, this guide serves as a tool for other agencies, organizations, and institutions seeking to adapt their professional development or educator preparation programs to include high-quality arts-integrated instruction. Read Guide here >>>

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